2018 Hockey Officials Clinic

(For both new and returning referees)

8am-5pm Sept 23, Banff Fenlands Arena

Prior to Registering



You MUST do the Online Officiating course



You MUST have a valid Record Check done every 3 (three) seasons


Visit czrc.ab.ca, “Clinics” tab to register

Deadline = Monday Sept 17

Questions? coachscottmcleod@hotmail.com

Any registration issues? Email clincs@czrc.ab.ca

Important Documents in Regard to Referee Assignment Policies

Tournanment Policy
 Assigning Priority Policy

Bow Valley Referees Association Board

            1)   Chair (Referee In Chief)   To be appointed by Central Zone

2)      Vice Chair      Landan Semenok    Email

3)      Secretary       Bill Rheaume    Email

4)      Treasurer/Assignor     Irv Semenok    Email

5)      Membership Development       Jon Frolick    Email

6)      Directors     Terry Morgan    Email
                     Matt Strickland   Email
                     Paul Spady     Email

                7) Web Site Coordinator Peter Waddington  Email


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